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Award Winners > Edgar Allan Poe Awards
by staff writer, Updated: Annually since 1954
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The Edgar Allan Poe Awards -- 1954 to present

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Year Winner Category Title Author
2002 Nominee Children's Bug Muldoon: The Garden of Fear Shipton, Paul
2002 Winner Children's Dangling Eige, Lillian
2002 Nominee Children's Following Fake Man Holmes, Barbara Ware
2002 Nominee Children's The Ghost Sitter Griffin, Peni R.
2002 Nominee Children's Ghost Soldier Alphin, Elaine Marie
2002 Nominee Critical/Biographical Dashiell Hammett: A Daughter Remembers Hammett, Jo
2002 Winner Critical/Biographical Edgar Allan Poe A to Z: The Essential Reference to His Life and Work Sova, Dawn B.
2002 Nominee Critical/Biographical The History of Mystery Collins, Max Allan
2002 Nominee Critical/Biographical My Name's Friday: The Unauthorized But True Story of Dragnet and the Films of Jack Webb Hayde, Michael J.
2002 Nominee Critical/Biographical Selected Letters of Dashiell Hammett Hammett, Dashiell
2002 Nominee Critical/Biographical Who Was That Lady?: Craig Rice: The Queen of Screwball Mystery Marks, Jeffrey
2002 Nominee Fact Crime Base Instincts: What Makes Killers Kill? Pincus, Jonathan H.
2002 Nominee Fact Crime Dark Dreams: Sexual Violence, Homicide, and the Criminal Mind Hazelwood, Roy
2002 Nominee Fact Crime Leavenworth Train: Bitter Justice in the Vanishing West Jackson, Joe
2002 Winner Fact Crime Son of a Grifter: Growing Up W/Sante & Kenny Kimes: The Twisted Tale of the Most Notorious Con Artists in America Walker, Kent
2002 Nominee Fact Crime The Wrong Man: The Final Verdict on the Sam Sheppard Murder Case Neff, James
2002 Nominee First Novel Gun Monkeys Gischler, Victor
2002 Nominee First Novel The Jasmine Trade Hamilton, Denise
2002 Winner First Novel Line of Vision Ellis, David
2002 Nominee First Novel Open Season Box, C. J.
2002 Nominee First Novel Red Hook: A Mystery Cohen, Gabriel
2002 Nominee Juvenile Bug Muldoon: The Garden of Fear Shipton, Paul
2002 Winner Juvenile Dangling Eige, Lillian
2002 Nominee Juvenile Following Fake Man Holmes, Barbara Ware
2002 Nominee Juvenile The Ghost Sitter Griffin, Peni R.
2002 Nominee Juvenile Ghost Soldier Alphin, Elaine Marie
2002 Nominee Novel The Judgment Buffa, Dudley W.
2002 Nominee Novel Money, Money, Money: A Novel of the 87th Precinct McBain, Ed
2002 Nominee Novel Reflecting the Sky Rozan, S. J.
2002 Winner Novel Silent Joe Parker, T. Jefferson
2002 Nominee Novel Tell No One Coben, Harlan
2002 Winner Paperback Original Adios Muchachos Chavarria, Daniel
2002 Nominee Paperback Original Dead of Winter Parrish, P. J.
2002 Nominee Paperback Original Hell's Kitchen Deaver, Jeffery
2002 Nominee Paperback Original The Mother Tongue Holbrook, Teri
2002 Nominee Paperback Original Straw Men Smith, Martin J.
2002 Nominee Screenplay Gosford Park Fellowes, Julian
2002 Nominee Screenplay The Man Who Wasn't There Coen, Joel
2002 Winner Screenplay Memento Nolan, Christopher
2002 Nominee Screenplay Series 7: The Contenders Minahan, Daniel
2002 Winner Young Adult The Boy in the Burning House Wynne-Jones, Tim
2002 Nominee Young Adult Death on Sacred Ground Feder, Harriet K.
2002 Nominee Young Adult Don't Tell Chandler, Elizabeth
2002 Nominee Young Adult Shades of Simon Gray McDonald, Joyce
2002 Nominee Young Adult Witch Hill Sedgwick, Marcus
2001 Winner Children's Dovey Coe Dowell, Frances O'Roark
2001 Nominee Children's Ghosts in the Gallery Wallace, Barbara Brooks
2001 Nominee Children's Sammy Keyes and the Curse of Moustache Mary Van Draanen, Wendelin
2001 Nominee Children's Trouble at Fort La Pointe Ernst, Kathleen
2001 Nominee Children's Walking to the Bus-Rider Blues Robinet, Harriette Gillem
2001 Winner Critical/Biographical Conundrums for the Long Week-End: England, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Lord Peter Wimsey McGregor, Robert Kuhn
2001 Nominee Critical/Biographical The Doctor and the Detective: A Biography of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Booth, Martin
2001 Nominee Critical/Biographical The Red Hot Typewriter: The Life of John D. MacDonald Merrill, Hugh
2001 Nominee Critical/Biographical Women of Mystery: Leading Women Crime Novelists from Christie to James Dubose, Martha
2001 Nominee Fact Crime Author Unknown: On the Trail of Anonymous Foster, Don
2001 Winner Fact Crime Black Mass: The Irish Mob, the FBI, and a Devil's Deal Lehr, Dick
2001 Nominee Fact Crime Moonlight: Abraham Lincoln and the Almanac Trial Walsh, John Evangelist
2001 Nominee Fact Crime Portraits of Guilt: The Woman Who Profiles the Faces of America's Deadliest Criminals Boylan, Jeanne
2001 Nominee Fact Crime The Seekers: Bounty Hunting with a Book and a Gun Armstrong, Joshua
2001 Winner First Novel A Conspiracy of Paper Liss, David
2001 Nominee First Novel Crow in Stolen Colors Simpson, Marcia
2001 Nominee First Novel Death of a Red Heroine Xiaolong, Qiu
2001 Nominee First Novel The Ice Harvest Phillips, Scott
2001 Nominee First Novel Raveling Smith, Peter Moore
2001 Winner Novel The Bottoms Lansdale, Joe R.
2001 Nominee Novel A Dangerous Road Nelscott, Kris
2001 Nominee Novel A Place of Execution McDermid, Val
2001 Nominee Novel Red Light Parker, T. Jefferson
2001 Nominee Novel The Whole Truth Pickard, Nancy
2001 Nominee Paperback Original The Black Maria Graham, Mark
2001 Nominee Paperback Original The Kidnapping of Rosie Dawn Wright, Eric
2001 Nominee Paperback Original Killing Kin West, Chassie
2001 Nominee Paperback Original Murder on St. Mark's Place Thompson, Victoria
2001 Nominee Paperback Original Pursuit & Persuasion Wright, Sally S.
2001 Nominee Young Adults The Body of Christopher Creed Plum-Ucci, Carol
2001 Winner Young Adults Counterfeit Son Alphin, Elaine Marie
2001 Nominee Young Adults Locked Inside Werlin, Nancy
2001 Nominee Young Adults Silent to the Bone Konigsburg, E. L.
2000 Nominee Children's Dolphin Luck McKay, Hilary
2000 Nominee Children's Green Thumb Thomas, Rob
2000 Nominee Children's Howie Bowles, Secret Agent Banks, Kate
2000 Winner Children's The Night Flyers Jones, Elizabeth McDavid
2000 Nominee Children's Shadow Horse Hart, Alison
2000 Nominee Critical/Biographical The Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing Herbert, Rosemary
2000 Nominee Critical/Biographical Ross MacDonald: A Biography Nolan, Tom
2000 Nominee Critical/Biographical A Suitable Job for a Woman: Inside the World of Women Private Eyes McDermid, Val
2000 Winner Critical/Biographical Teller of Tales: The Life of Arthur Conan Doyle Stashower, Daniel
2000 Nominee Critical/Biographical The Web of Iniquity: Early Detective Fiction by American Writers Nickerson, Catherine
2000 Nominee Fact Crime And Never Let Her Go: Thomas Capano: The Deadly Seducer Rule, Ann
2000 Winner Fact Crime Blind Eye: How the Medical Establishment Let a Doctor Get Away with Murder Stewart, James Brewer
2000 Nominee Fact Crime Disco Bloodbath: A Fabulous But True Tale of Murder in Clubland Saint James, James
2000 Nominee Fact Crime The Ghosts of Hopewell: Setting the Record Straight in the Lindbergh Case Fisher, Jim
2000 Nominee Fact Crime Mean Justice Humes, Edward
2000 Nominee First Novel Big Trouble Barry, Dave
2000 Nominee First Novel Certifiably Insane Bahr, Arthur W.
2000 Nominee First Novel God is a Bullet Teran, Boston
2000 Nominee First Novel Inner City Blues (Ballantine Books) Woods, Paula
2000 Winner First Novel The Skull Mantra Pattison, Eliot
2000 Winner Novel Bones Burke, Jan
2000 Nominee Novel In a Dry Season Robinson, Peter
2000 Nominee Novel L. A. Requiem Crais, Robert
2000 Nominee Novel River of Darkness Airth, Rennie
2000 Nominee Novel Strawberry Sunday: A John Marshall Tanner Novel Greenleaf, Stephen
2000 Winner Paperback Original Fulton County Blues Birmingham, Ruth
2000 Nominee Paperback Original In Big Trouble Lippman, Laura
2000 Nominee Paperback Original Lucky Man Dunbar, Tony
2000 Nominee Paperback Original Outcast LaTour, Jose
2000 Nominee Paperback Original The Resurrectionist Graham, Mark
2000 Nominee Young Adults The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn Hoobler, Dorothy
2000 Nominee Young Adults Monster Myers, Walter Dean
2000 Winner Young Adults Never Trust a Dead Man Vande Velde, Vivian
2000 Nominee Young Adults Speak Anderson, Laurie Halse
2000 Nominee Young Adults That Kind of Money Cameron, Vicki
1999 Nominee Children's Alice Rose and Sam Lasky, Kathryn
1999 Nominee Children's Holes Sachar, Louis
1999 Nominee Children's The Kidnappers: A Mystery Roberts, Willo Davis
1999 Winner Children's Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief Van Draanen, Wendelin
1999 Nominee Children's The Wreckers Lawrence, Iain
1999 Nominee Critical/Biographical Cordially Yours, Brother Cadfael Kaler, Anne K.
1999 Nominee Critical/Biographical Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir Muller, Eddie
1999 Nominee Critical/Biographical Midnight Dreary: The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe Walsh, John Evangelist
1999 Winner Critical/Biographical Mystery & Suspense Writers Winks, Robin W.
1999 Nominee Critical/Biographical The Seven Deadly Sins in the Work of Dorothy L. Sayers Brown, Janice
1999 Nominee Fact Crime Death Sentence: The True Story of Velma Barfield's Life, Crimes and Execution Bledsoe, Jerry
1999 Nominee Fact Crime Greentown: Murder and Mystery in Greenwich, Connecticut, America's Wealthiest Community Dumas, Timothy
1999 Winner Fact Crime One of Ours: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing Serrano, Richard A.
1999 Nominee Fact Crime To the Last Breath Stowers, Carlton
1999 Nominee Fact Crime Tough Jews Cohen, Rich
1999 Winner First Novel A Cold Day in Paradise Hamilton, Steve
1999 Nominee First Novel A Criminal Appeal Schanker, D. R.
1999 Nominee First Novel Nice Sacks, Jen
1999 Nominee First Novel Numbered Account Reich, Christopher
1999 Nominee First Novel Reckless Homicide Genberg, Ira
1999 Nominee Novel Beyond Recall Goddard, Robert
1999 Nominee Novel Blood Work Connelly, Michael
1999 Nominee Novel The Last Days of II Duce Stansberry, Domenic
1999 Nominee Novel A Likeness in Stone Martin, Julia Wallis
1999 Winner Novel Mr. White's Confession Clark, Robert
1999 Nominee Paperback Original Atlanta Graves Birmingham, Ruth
1999 Nominee Paperback Original Butchers Hill Lippman, Laura
1999 Nominee Paperback Original Murder Manual Womack, Steven
1999 Winner Paperback Original The Widower's Two-Step Riordan, Rick
1999 Nominee Paperback Original Zen Attitude Massey, Sujata
1999 Nominee Young Adults Finn Bacon, Katharine Jay
1999 Nominee Young Adults For Mike Sykes, Shelley
1999 Winner Young Adults The Killer's Cousin Werlin, Nancy
1999 Nominee Young Adults The Maze Hobbs, Will
1999 Nominee Young Adults Paperquake: A Puzzle Reiss, Kathryn
1998 Nominee Children's Christie & Company Down East Page, Katherine Hall
1998 Nominee Children's Secrets at Hidden Valley Roberts, Willo Davis
1998 Winner Children's Sparrows in the Scullery Wallace, Barbara Brooks
1998 Nominee Children's Turn the Cup Around Mariconda, Barbara
1998 Nominee Children's Wolf Stalker Skurzynski, Gloria
1998 Winner Critical/Biographical G" is for Grafton: The World of Kinsey Millhone" Kaufman, Natalie Hevener
1998 Nominee Critical/Biographical AZ Murder Goes...Classic Peters, Barbara
1998 Nominee Critical/Biographical Crime Fiction and Film in the Sunshine State: Florida Noir Glassman, Steve
1998 Nominee Critical/Biographical Deadly Women Grape, Jan
1998 Nominee Critical/Biographical The Reader and the Detective Story Dove, George N.
1998 Nominee Fact Crime Bitter Harvest Rule, Ann
1998 Winner Fact Crime The Death of Innocents: A True Story of Murder, Medicine, and High-Stakes Science Firstman, Richard
1998 Nominee Fact Crime May God Have Mercy: A True Story of Crime and Punishment Tucker, John C.
1998 Nominee Fact Crime The Napoleon of Crime: The Life and Times of Adam Worth, Master Thief Macintyre, Ben
1998 Nominee Fact Crime Our Guys (VINTAGE BOOKS) Lefkowitz, Bernard
1998 Nominee First Novel 23 Shades of Black Wishnia, K. J. A.
1998 Nominee First Novel Bird Dog Reed, Philip
1998 Nominee First Novel A Crime in the Neighborhood Berne, Suzanne
1998 Nominee First Novel Flower Net See, Lisa
1998 Winner First Novel Los Alamos Kanon, Joseph
1998 Winner Novel Cimarron Rose Burke, James Lee
1998 Nominee Novel Dreaming of the Bones Crombie, Deborah
1998 Nominee Novel The Purification Ceremony Sullivan, Mark T.
1998 Nominee Novel A Wasteland of Strangers Pronzini, Bill
1998 Winner Paperback Original Charm City Lippman, Laura
1998 Nominee Paperback Original Home Again, Home Again Cooper, Susan Rogers
1998 Nominee Paperback Original The Prioress' Tale Frazer, Margaret
1998 Nominee Paperback Original Sunset and Santiago: A Ronnie Ventana Mystery-24 Copy Floor Display White, Gloria
1998 Nominee Paperback Original Tarnished Icons Kaminsky, Stuart M.
1998 Nominee Young Adults Deal with a Ghost Singer, Marilyn
1998 Winner Young Adults Ghost Canoe Hobbs, Will
1998 Nominee Young Adults Tangerine Bloor, Edward
1998 Nominee Young Adults Thin Ice Qualey, Marsha
1998 Nominee Young Adults Yesterday's Child Levitin, Sonia
1997 Nominee Children's The Case of the Wiggling Wig: A McGurk Mystery Hildick, E. W.
1997 Winner Children's The Clearing: A Mystery Miller, Dorothy Reynolds
1997 Nominee Children's Cousins in the Castle Wallace, Barbara Brooks
1997 Nominee Children's Gaps in Stone Walls Neufeld, John
1997 Nominee Children's The Last Piper Cavanagh, Helen
1997 Nominee Critical/Biographical Agatha Christie A to Z: The Essential Reference to Her Life and Writings Sova, Dawn B.
1997 Nominee Critical/Biographical The Blues Detective: A Study of African American Detective Fiction Soitos, Stephen
1997 Nominee Critical/Biographical Detecting Women 2: Reader's Checklist for Mystery Series Written by Women Heising, Willetta L.
1997 Nominee Critical/Biographical Elusion Aforethought: The Life and Writing of Anthony Berkeley Cox Turnbull, Malcolm J.
1997 Winner Critical/Biographical The Secret Marriage of Sherlock Holmes, and Other Eccentric Readings Atkinson, Michael
1997 Nominee Fact Crime Fall Guys: False Confessions and the Politics of Murder Fisher, Jim
1997 Nominee Fact Crime No Matter How Loud I Shout: A Year in the Life of Juvenile Court Humes, Edward
1997 Nominee Fact Crime Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J. Simpson Got Away with Murder Bugliosi, Vincent
1997 Winner Fact Crime Power to Hurt: Justice Served and Defeated O'Brien, Darcy
1997 Nominee Fact Crime Trespasses: Portrait of a Serial Rapist Swindle, Howard
1997 Nominee First Novel Bonita Faye Moseley, Margaret
1997 Nominee First Novel A Brother's Blood White, Michael C.
1997 Nominee First Novel The Queen's Man: A Medieval Mystery (Ballantine) Penman, Sharon Kay
1997 Nominee First Novel Simple Justice Wilson, John Morgan
1997 Winner First Novel A Test of Wills Todd, Charles
1997 Winner Novel The Chatham School Affair Cook, Thomas H.
1997 Nominee Novel Hearts and Bones Lawrence, Margaret
1997 Nominee Novel Mean Streak: A Mystery Wheat, Carolyn
1997 Nominee Novel Pentecost Alley Perry, Anne
1997 Nominee Novel With Child: A Kate Martinelli Mystery (Bantam Pbk) King, Laurie R.
1997 Winner Paperback Original Fade Away Coben, Harlan
1997 Nominee Paperback Original The Grass Widow Holbrook, Teri
1997 Nominee Paperback Original Silent Words Drury, Joan M.
1997 Nominee Paperback Original Tribe Zimmerman, R. D.
1997 Nominee Paperback Original Walking Rain Wade, Susan
1997 Nominee Young Adults Flyers Hayes, Daniel
1997 Nominee Young Adults Hawk Moon MacGregor, Rob
1997 Nominee Young Adults Mr. Was Hautman, Pete
1997 Winner Young Adults Twisted Summer Roberts, Willo Davis
1997 Nominee Young Adults Who Killed Mr. Chippendale?: A Mystery in Poems Glenn, Mel
1996 Nominee Children's The 13th Floor: A Ghost Story Fleischman, Sid
1996 Nominee Children's The Bones in the Cliff Stevenson, James
1996 Winner Children's Looking for Jamie Bridger Springer, Nancy
1996 Nominee Children's Marvelous Marvin and the Pioneer Ghost Pryor, Bonnie
1996 Nominee Children's Running Out of Time Haddix, Margaret Peterson
1996 Nominee Critical/Biographical The Cadfael Companion: The World of Brother Cadfael Whiteman, Robin
1996 Nominee Critical/Biographical John Dickson Carr: The Man Who Explained Miracles Greene, Douglas
1996 Nominee Critical/Biographical Life of Graham Greene, 1939-1955 Sherry, Norman
1996 Winner Critical/Biographical Savage Art: A Biography of Jim Thompson Polito, Robert
1996 Nominee Fact Crime Born to Kill: The Rise and Fall of America's Bloodiest Asian Gangs English, T. J.
1996 Nominee Fact Crime By Two and Two: The Shocking True Story of Twins Torn Apart by Lies, Injustice, and Murder Schutze, Jim
1996 Winner Fact Crime Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life and Justice in a Southern Town Earley, Pete
1996 Nominee Fact Crime Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit Douglas, John
1996 Nominee Fact Crime Unfinished Murder: The Capture of a Serial Rapist Neff, James
1996 Nominee First Novel Fixed in His Folly Walker, David J.
1996 Nominee First Novel The Harry Chronicles Pedrazad, Allan
1996 Nominee First Novel Murder in Scorpio Lawrence, Martha C.
1996 Winner First Novel Penance Housewright, David
1996 Nominee First Novel Tight Shot: A Hollywood Mystery Allman, Kevin
1996 Nominee Novel Bookman's Wake Dunning, John
1996 Winner Novel Come to Grief Francis, Dick
1996 Nominee Novel The Roaring Boy: An Elizabethan Theater Mystery Featuring Nicholas Bracewell Marston, Edward
1996 Nominee Novel The Shadow Man Katzenbach, John
1996 Nominee Novel The Summons Lovesey, Peter
1996 Nominee Paperback Original Charged with Guilt White, Gloria
1996 Nominee Paperback Original Deal Breaker Coben, Harlan
1996 Nominee Paperback Original Hard Frost Wingfield, R. D.
1996 Nominee Paperback Original High Desert Malice Mitchell, Kirk
1996 Winner Paperback Original Tarnished Blue Heffernan, William
1996 Nominee Young Adults Angel's Gate Crew, Gary
1996 Nominee Young Adults In the Middle of the Night Cormier, Robert
1996 Winner Young Adults Prophecy Rock MacGregor, Rob
1996 Nominee Young Adults Spirit Seeker Nixon, Joan Lowery
1996 Nominee Young Adults Spying on Miss Muller Bunting, Eve
1995 Winner Children's The Absolutely True Story of My Visit to Yellowstone with the Terrible Rupes Roberts, Willo Davis
1995 Nominee Children's Caught! Roberts, Willo Davis
1995 Nominee Children's Harvey's Mystifying Raccoon Mix-Up Clifford, Eth
1995 Nominee Children's Hester Bidgood, Investigatrix of Evill Deedes: Investigatrix of Evill Deedes Hildick, E. W.
1995 Nominee Children's Trouble Will Find You Lexau, Joan M.
1995 Nominee Critical/Biographical By a Woman's Hand: A Guide to Mystery Fiction by Women James, Dean
1995 Winner Critical/Biographical Encyclopedia Mysteriosa: A Comprehensive Guide to the Art of Detection in Print, Film, Radio, and Television DeAndrea, William
1995 Nominee Critical/Biographical Great Women Mystery Writers: Classic to Contemporary Klein, Kathleen Gregory
1995 Nominee Critical/Biographical The Tony Hillerman Companion Greenberg, Martin Harry
1995 Nominee Fact Crime Before He Wakes Bledsoe, Jerry
1995 Nominee Fact Crime Breakdown: Sex, Suicide and the Harvard Psychiatrist McNamara, Eileen
1995 Nominee Fact Crime In the Best of Families: Anatomy of a True Tragedy McDougal, Dennis
1995 Nominee Fact Crime Mississippi Mud: A True Story from a Corner of the Deep South Humes, Edward
1995 Winner Fact Crime To Protect and to Serve: The LAPD's Century of War in the City of Dreams Domanick, Joe
1995 Nominee First Novel Big Town Swanson, Doug J.
1995 Winner First Novel The Caveman's Valentine Green, George Dawes
1995 Nominee First Novel Mallory's Oracle O'Connell, Carol
1995 Nominee First Novel One for the Money Evanovich, Janet
1995 Nominee First Novel Suspicion of Innocence Parker, Barbara
1995 Nominee Novel Lights Out Abrahams, Peter
1995 Nominee Novel A Long Line of Dead Men Block, Lawrence
1995 Nominee Novel Miami, It's Murder (R): A Britt Montero Novel Buchanan, Edna
1995 Winner Novel The Red Scream Walker, Mary Willis
1995 Nominee Novel Wednesday's Child Robinson, Peter
1995 Nominee Paperback Original Broken-Hearted Detective Bass, Milton
1995 Winner Paperback Original Final Appeal Scottoline, Lisa
1995 Nominee Paperback Original Power of Attorney Sorrells, Walter
1995 Nominee Paperback Original Sunrise West, Chassie
1995 Nominee Paperback Original Viper Quarry Feldmeyer, Dean
1995 Nominee Young Adults The Midnight Club Pike, Christopher
1995 Nominee Young Adults Pale Phoenix Reiss, Kathryn
1995 Nominee Young Adults Poison Ferguson, Alane
1995 Nominee Young Adults Shadowmaker Nixon, Joan Lowery
1995 Winner Young Adults Toughing It Springer, Nancy
1994 Winner Children's The Twin in the Tavern Wallace, Barbara Brooks
1994 Winner Critical/Biographical The Saint: A Complete History in Print, Radio, Film and Television of Leslie Charteris' Robin... Barer, Burl
1994 Winner Fact Crime Until the Twelfth of Never: The Deadly Divorce of Dan and Betty Broderick Stumbo, Bella
1994 Winner First Novel A Grave Talent King, Laurie R.
1994 Winner Novel The Sculptress Walters, Minette
1994 Winner Paperback Original Dead Folk's Blues Womack, Steven
1994 Winner Young Adults The Name of the Game Was Murder Nixon, Joan Lowery
1993 Winner Children's Coffin on a Case Bunting, Eve
1993 Winner Critical/Biographical Alias S. S. Van Dine Loughery, John
1993 Winner Fact Crime Swift Justice: Murder and Vengeance in a California Town Farrell, Harry
1993 Winner First Novel The Black Echo Connelly, Michael
1993 Winner Novel Bootlegger's Daughter Maron, Margaret
1993 Winner Paperback Original A Cold Day for Murder Stabenow, Dana
1993 Winner Young Adults A Little Bit Dead Reaver, Chap
1992 Winner Children's Wanted...Mud Blossom Byars, Betsy Cromer
1992 Winner Critical/Biographical Edgar A. Poe: Mournful and Never-Ending Remembrance Silverman, Kenneth
1992 Winner Fact Crime Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets Simon, David
1992 Winner First Novel Slow Motion Riot Blauner, Peter
1992 Winner Novel A Dance at the Slaughterhouse Block, Lawrence
1992 Winner Paperback Original Dark Maze Adcock, Thomas
1992 Winner Young Adults The Weirdo Taylor, Theodore
1991 Winner Children's Stonewords: A Ghost Story Conrad, Pam
1991 Winner Fact Crime In a Child's Name: The Legacy of a Mother's Murder Maas, Peter
1991 Winner First Novel Postmortem Cornwell, Patricia
1991 Winner Novel New Orleans Mourning Smith, Julie
1991 Winner Paperback Original The Man Who Would Be F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Stewart Hoag Mystery Handler, David
1991 Winner Young Adults Mote Reaver, Chap
1990 Winner Critical/Biographical The Life of Graham Greene Sherry, Norman
1990 Winner Novel Black Cherry Blues Burke, James Lee
1990 Winner Young Adults Show Me the Evidence Ferguson, Alane
1989 Winner Children's Megan's Island Roberts, Willo Davis
1989 Winner Critical/Biographical Cornell Woolrich--First You Dream, Then You Die Nevins, Fr
1989 Winner Fact Crime In Broad Daylight: A Murder in Skidmore, Missouri MacLean, Harry
1989 Winner First Novel Carolina Skeletons Stout, David
1989 Winner Novel Cold, Red Sunrise Kaminsky, Stuart M.
1989 Winner Paperback Original The Telling of Lies: A Mystery Findley, Timothy
1989 Winner Young Adults Incident at Loring Groves Levitin, Sonia
1988 Winner Children's Lucy Forever and Miss Rosetree, Shrinks Shreve, Susan Richards
1988 Winner Fact Crime The CBS Murders Hammer, Richard
1988 Winner Novel Old Bones: A Gideon Oliver Mystery Elkins, Aaron J.
1988 Winner Paperback Original Bimbos of the Death Sun McCrumb, Sharyn
1987 Winner Children's The Other Side of Dark Nixon, Joan Lowery
1987 Winner Critical/Biographical Here Lies: Eric Ambler Ambler, Eric
1987 Winner Fact Crime Careless Whispers Stowers, Carlton
1987 Winner Novel A Dark-Adapted Eye Vine, Barbara
1987 Winner Paperback Original Junkyard Dog Campbell, Robert
1986 Winner Critical/Biographical Agatha Christie: A Biography Morgan, Janet
1986 Winner Critical/Biographical John Le Carre Lewis, Peter
1986 Winner First Novel When the Bough Breaks Kellerman, Jonathan
1986 Winner Novel The Suspect Wright, Laurali R.
1985 Winner Children's Night Cry Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
1985 Winner Critical/Biographical Inward Journey: Ross MacDonald MacDonald, Ross
1985 Winner First Novel Strike Three You're Dead Rosen, Richard
1985 Winner Paperback Original Grandmaster Murphy, Warren
1984 Winner Children's The Callender Papers Voigt, Cynthia
1984 Winner Critical/Biographical Dark Side of Genius Spoto, Donald
1984 Winner Fact Crime Very Much a Lady Alexander, Shana
1984 Winner Novel La Brava Leonard, Elmore
1984 Winner Paperback Original Mrs. White Tracy, Margaret
1983 Winner Children's The Murder of Hound Dog Bates Branscum, Robbie
1983 Winner Fact Crime The Vatican Connection Hammer, Richard
1983 Winner First Novel Butcher's Boy Perry, Thomas
1983 Winner Novel Billingsgate Shoal Boyer, Rick
1982 Winner Children's Taking Terri Mueller Mazer, Norma Fox
1982 Winner Critical/Biographical What about Murder?: A Guide to Books about Mystery and Detective Fiction Breen, Jon L.
1982 Winner Fact Crime The Sting Man Greene, Robert W.
1982 Winner First Novel Chiefs Woods, Stuart
1982 Winner Novel Peregrine Bayer, William
1981 Winner First Novel The Watcher Smith, Kay Nolte
1981 Winner Novel Whip Hand Francis, Dick
1981 Winner Paperback Original Public Murders Granger, Bill
1980 Winner Children's The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore Nixon, Joan Lowery
1980 Winner Paperback Original The Hog Murders DeAndrea, William L.
1979 Winner First Novel Killed in the Ratings DeAndrea, William
1979 Winner Novel Eye of the Needle Follett, Ken
1978 Winner Children's A Really Weird Summer McGraw, Eloise
1977 Winner Fact Crime Blood and Money Thompson, Thomas
1977 Winner Novel Promised Land Parker, Robert B.
1977 Winner Paperback Original Confess Fletch McDonald, Gregory
1976 Winner Children's Z for Zachariah O'Brien, Robert C.
1976 Winner Fact Crime A Time to Die Smith, Wilbur
1976 Winner Novel Hopscotch M/TV (R) Garfield, Brian
1975 Winner Fact Crime Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders Bugliosi, Vincent
1975 Winner First Novel Fletch McDonald, Gregory
1975 Winner Juvenile The Dangling Witness Bennett, Jay
1975 Winner Novel Peter's Pence Cleary, Jon
1974 Winner First Novel The Billion Dollar Sure Thing (R) Erdman, Paul Emil
1974 Winner Novel Dance Hall of the Dead Hillerman, Tony
1973 Winner Children's Deathwatch White, Robb
1970 Winner Novel Forfeit Francis, Dick
1969 Winner Children's The House of Dies Drear Hamilton, Virginia
1969 Winner Novel A Case of Need Crichton, Michael
1968 Winner Novel God Save the Mark Westlake, Donald E.
1967 Winner Novel King of the Rainy Country Freeling, Nicholas
1966 Winner Fact Crime In Cold Blood Capote, Truman
1966 Winner First Novel In the Heat of the Night Ball, John
1966 Winner Novel The Quiller Memorandum Hall, Adam
1965 Winner Fact Crime Gideon's Trumpet (Vintage Books) Lewis, Anthony
1965 Winner Novel The Spy Who Came in from the Cold Le Carre, John
1964 Winner Novel The Light of Day Ambler, Eric
1963 Winner Novel Death and the Joyful Woman Peters, Ellis
1962 Winner Novel Gideon's Fire Marric, J. J.
1960 Winner Novel The Hours Before Dawn Fremlin, Celia
1957 Winner Novel Dram of Poison Armstrong, Charlotte
1956 Winner Novel Beast in View Millar, Margaret
1956 Winner Novel Dead and Gone Kittredge, Mary
1955 Winner Novel Long Goodbye Chandler, Raymond
1954 Winner First Novel A Kiss Before Dying Levin, Ira
1954 Winner Novel Beat Not the Bones Jay, Charlotte
1954 Winner Short Story Someone Like You Dahl, Roald


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